Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A "nice touch"

A nice touch is a small detail that improves the appearance/ atmosphere/ quality/ comfort/ design/ idea, etc. of something.  

1. Do you pay attention to small details at home? Do you decorate your home with nice little things or putflowers on the table? Having some plants, especially in your living room... or at the entrance, is a nice touch.

2. If you've ever been to a wedding celebration, you will have noticed small finishing touches everywhere... from flowers, linen and silverware to placeholders. I think a nice touch is giving the guests some type of keepsake to remember the special day. 

3. Can you remember a nice restaurant or hotel that you stayed in where they paid attention to detail? Was there anything particular or exceptional about the room service or service in general that you could say was a nice touch? Some hotels fold their towels into the shapes of animals and put them on your bed. Some people think that's a nice touch. Personally, I think it's weird.

4. On some flights, after you have finished eating, the air hostess hands out some hot, scented napkins/ towels for you to clean your hands. More recently, flights in Brazil have dispensed with those nice little touches… now, if you are hungry, you can buy ruffles and the sort of snacks that you can find in a vending machine in-flight. I think it's something to do with cutting costs.

5. Putting a cherry on top of a cake is generally a nice touch. If you want to ask someone very nicely to do you a favor, you can say, "Pretty please with a cherry on top!" 

6. Putting a wedge of lemon or lime into a glass of water or Coca-Cola is very common… It's also a nice touch. What finishing touches do you like, associated with food and beverages?

7. Women know all about those nice touches that make them look pretty and smell nice... After all, there is an ever-present multibillion-dollar industry built around those "nice touches". 

8. If you're planning an event or party, what nice touches come to mind? As recently witnessed at the Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Russia, their attention to detail was impressive. One nice touch was using the voice of "King Joffrey" from the "Game of Thrones" for one of the narratives.

9. If you have ever bought an Apple product, you would know that their packaging presentation is second to none. The stickers are also a nice touch... even if you never use them.

10. You've got to admit that a "slam dunk" in basketball... or a bicycle kick in soccer, is not necessary to score points… But it is a nice touch.


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